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Workflow with dates in HubSpot help


I want to create a logic as follows:

We don't have the operations hub professional so we can't create a scheduled workflow.

We have a field named: Inactive date (Date field) and another field - Inactive condition (Checkbox - Yes, No).

We want to set automation that if the 'Today's Date' < 'Inactive date' (Trigger the automation with someone changing the value), Than the Inactive condition changes to "Yes", becuase it is still Inactive (The field: "Inactive date" show when the expiration date).


1. Will this work if I want to check if the Inactive date field changes, and than I want to change the Inactive condition to "True"?:


2. And how am I suppose to set it to False if someone updated the manually the Inactive date field? (to check if today is after "Inactive date"?).


3. As I said above, we don't have a scheduled workflow, If I set this condition to check filter criteria, will it work when the Today == Inactive date? (Standard workflow that checks conditions):




Please advice! Thanks for any help🙏

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Workflow with dates in HubSpot help

Hi @OBetzalel ,


I'm a little confused by your description above. In simple terms could you describe

  • When you want a deal to enroll in this workflow
  • What you want the workflow to do

I think I should be able to help you then 🙂



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