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Hi!  I'm new to HubSpot and we have been testing how to trigger ticket creation from any inbound call.  We have a call integration set up (with Aircall), so all inbound call activity is tracked, either for an existing or new contact (that is generated when the call comes in).  We have successfully created a workflow so a ticket is created, however, once a ticket is created for any given customer, it will not create another ticket.  We attempted setting up based on several triggers, like Activity Type = Call, Call Outcome, etc. 


We fiddled with the reenrollment settings but cannot seem to get around this. Any ideas to try?

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Hey @kellydcco 


Currently, there aren't any properties that specify when an Aircall inbound or outbound call is made, which makes it more challenging to automate those contacts based on the activity.

One workaround could be to create a custom property to mark when an inbound or outbound call was made, but that would need to be marked manually. However, if you use this method, you could use that custom property as a workflow enrollment trigger to create a ticket for those contacts.


I hope this helps.


Thank you


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Hey @kellydcco,


Antoine with Aircall here!


As you noticed and @sharonlicari mentioned, since we can only build workflows on contacts and not activites, and as we don't log in a property of the contact object directly, it is not possible to re-enroll contacts in the workflow easily. 

However, this has been identified on our side and we are currently working on a new integration with:

- Automated ticket creation in Hubspot

- A new "Number of call activities" contact property to make it easy to re-enroll contacts into workflow. 

This is WIP but I'll be sure to keep you updated, and you can always reach out to our support team for assistance!

Thank you,



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Hey Antoine,


Do you have some info about this WIP feature?

I've asked Aircall's support, they have no info about it.



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Hey @HenryD, expect an update some time later this month. Can you DM me your email so I can add you to the updates for this release? Thanks!

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Hi Kelly,


We've got this functionality baked into our phone system, and can help you get set up with automation/workflows that allow re-enrollment after a phone call without any manual fiddling. I know that you're on Aircall at the moment, but if you're willing to consider an alternative I'd be happy to run you through what we can do.