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Workflow monthly sales

Hey there,

I'm trying to build a workflow where I can see how often a special product was selled and who did (employee). At the end, there should be a list, where I can see all the information (who selled how many products). 

Every first day of the month it should start again till the last day of the month. So that the list shows the selled products in total per month.


I'm struggling with some settings. 


Thanks for helping me out. 

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Workflow monthly sales

Hi @IParadzik 
Achieving it through workflow will make it more complex as you need to create custom count properties and then at the end of the month, these properties values need to be clear. This whole process won't sound good. So the easiest way of achieving it is through HubSpot reports.
- In reports choose the contact owner and count of products sold on that contact owner
I hope it helps!
Thank you.

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Workflow monthly sales

This doesn't sound like something that would be done in a workflow in hubspot.  If you want to see who is selling what products or performance of your overall sales teams the reporting tools in Hubspot would give you better insights.