Workflow data checking question

I am creating a workflow and I have a Deal property called "Ceiling Height" of type "Single Line Text".

The contents of this property may consist of something like "TBD" or "NA" or "I think it is 84" or, more preferable, a valid number like "84".

In my workflow I need to see if this property consists of a valid number or not. I will take different actions depending on the answer. So for the examples above I should get "No", "No", "No" and "Yes" responses.

A number like "84.5" or "84.25" is also valid.

If the contents is a number, valid numbers could range from 60 to 400 or more - so I do not want to have to specify every valid number.

I do not want to break this property into two properties, or to force it to be numeric only. 

Can I do this natively in a workflow? If not natively, is there a way to use a webhook or some other extension to do this?

Perhaps I could use an if/then statement with a "doesn't contain any of" condition with a regular expression that looks for non-numeric characters?

What I want is equivalent to a "Does this property contains a valid number?" test.

I appreciate any assistance you can give.
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Community Manager

Hi @KSM,


Can you share more about your end goal in including this property within the workflow? What types of actions will be triggered based on this property? 


If you are looking to have numerical values and text in a property, single line text will be your best option, however you could also create two properties, one for single line text and one for numbers, and then use if/then branches to determine if the property is a number or a single line text (ie "If field 'ceiling height number' is unknown > go here or 'if field 'ceiling height text' is unknown > go here). 


I wanted to share this resource regarding deal property types for your reference. 


Thank you,



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