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Workflow based on reporting

I would like to create a workflow in HS based on reporting. 

Specifically, I would like to receive a notification when an agent at our company has paid a certain amount of commission to the company per year. Once an agent "reached their cap," we can adjust their commission split (contact property) for the rest of the year to 0% commission to the company. 


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Participant | Diamond Partner

Workflow based on reporting

Hi there!


I’ve added a series of screenshots to show one way to do this. It’s several steps, but once the automation is set up it would be hands off. 


I’m making the assumption that commission is tied to Deal Amounts. If it’s not, you could create a custom Deal property with the same effect. 


1 - First, I set up a Deal workflow that pushes all Deals from a pipeline that are WON to be pushed into an Airtable spreadsheet. (You could add date parameters and Deal owner as triggers)

1 - Deal Workflow.png


2 - Airtable intakes all the information.

 2 - Sends information to Airtable.png


3 - I used this Airtable help link to create a Rollup/SUM function 

3 - Airtable adds property - see link.png


4 - I then used Zapier to note that if this SUM field in Airtable changes, to send the information to HubSpot. In this case, I sent it to the Contact record of the Agent. 

(Depending on your structure, you could use a custom object for your Agents to separate them from general contacts. It would function similarly.)

4 - Zapier notices change in sum.png


5 - HubSpot’s “Sales Commission” property is updated to the current total. You can also see Commission Multiplier/Commission Split here.

5 - Zapier sends updated commission to HubSpot.png


6 - Lastly, I have a Contact-based workflow. If this Sales Commission surpasses the cap of $40k per Agent, then they enroll in this workflow. You and your Agent can be notified, and you can set the Commission Split property to 0. (Based on what you’ve said, I’d use this alongside Deal Amounts in a Calculation property to calculate commission. This automatic change could be helpful.) 

6 - Contact Workflow.png


Please reach out with questions! I’m curious to see if this works for you.