Workaround - Custom meeting reminder / email follow ups

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Quite often Users ask for help with meetings, and so often what they want is just not possible.. like editing the default confirmation email that is sent after the meeting is booked. But wait!?!?!?!??!? 

WOrKARouNd!! 🕺

There's a clever workaround I learned to send a custom "automated email" prior to the meeting event! For this to function successfully we need to use a combination of Contact Properties, Workflow filtering logic, and Delays. Check out this video to learn more: 📼😝


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Hi James, the trouble with this approach is that it still lacks the ability to pull out any serious data about the meeting. You can't pull out meeting location or who the meeting is with. 


Let me give you an example of the gold standard that we're trying to build:


  • Contact has meeting with Y sales member in 1 day time.
    • Meeting Type: This is an initial consult
    • Meeting Location: Which will be held in our Southern Office (as opposed to our Northern Office or Online).
  • Send the contact an email from the person who the meeting is with stating:
    • When the meeting is
    • Where the meeting is
    • And the appropriate briefing for that meeting including text and videos. 


All of that can be put into a marketing email and done with logic using Smart Rules and active lists that you use solely for segmentation. 


The issue is that Hubspot's data structure doesn't let you pull out or use any of that data which you could conceivably get by using the form submission trigger ... except only the contact data comes through ... not the meeting data. 


Excuse my vent, this is very frustrating for a Marketing Enterprise customer who spends a significant amount of budget on Hubspot each year.


Then my team wonder why we can't do any reasonably sophisticated automation that the hairdresser down the road seems to do 😅 I'm exaggerating, but this is seriously lacking in Hubspot.


Hi Jimmy

I have a lot of manually scheduled meetings and therefore the "Date of last meeting booked in meetings tool" is often empty. However I found out that there is a Company property called "Last Booked Meeting Date" which covers both meetings booked from the meeting tool and manually scheduled meetings. However I do not get the option to use the trigger "is less 1 days from now" when I want to use that property in a workflow. Do you know why that is?