Work around to surface purchased Products, similar to Assets in Salesforce

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Salesforce has something called Assets, which are purchased products:


"While products represent the items that your company sells, assets represent the specific products your customers have purchased. Use assets to store information about your customers’ products."


I'm trying to create that surfaces purchased products in HubSpot. As of now, I am trying a separate pipeline, Assets, with one stage that shows information from a closed - won deal on another pipeline. Challenges I'm facing with this approach:


1. While products is an enrollment criteria, it's not a property that I can move from the closed - won deal to the asset pipeline. It's not a personalization token that I can add to the name of the new deal in the asset pipeline.


I also thought that, because products are enrollment criteria, I could create workflows for each product and then create deals or lists from those enrolled. The challenge with this approach:


1. There are 500 products.

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Hi @bendonahower.


Do you mind sharing more around what the roadblocks are? Is the end goal to have a running tally of revenue per contact, or individual purchases per product per contact?


The more information, screenshots and details you can provide, the better the Community can assist!


Thank you,

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