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Why Keep Your Database Clean?

Verena Wiederhold

HubSpotter since May of 2019

| Jun. 10. 2020Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 10.42.03 AM.pngKey concepts: Contact Management Strategy, Time Management, Personalized Communication, Trust.


My name is Verena Wiederhold, Customer Support Specialist in our Bogota Office, better known as BogoSpot. Over the last year I have seen several cases where clients struggle implementing and measuring their strategies because their database is not updated or organized. This results in losing valuable time in sales processes and losing opportunities closing deals. In this post we will discuss the main advantages of having an organized database and I will introduce some HubSpot tools in your CRM that will help you in this process.



An organized database has clear benefits for all companies. Globally, poor data costs organizations $3 trillion per year. Below are three main reasons to keep your database clean:



time-management-apps-2.jpgBased on HubSpot's recent study, sales teams spend only 34% of their time selling and 27% of sales people are spending an hour or more on data entry per day. Having accurate and updated information in your portal, will help your team to:



1. Target high quality leads in a reduced period of time, 

2. Save your sales team’s time working on other activities and help them to focus on closing deals and create frictionless sales process

3. Make data driven decisions, at the right time, based on updated results that will help your company to scale up.


It is well known that personalized marketing has become one of the most effective methods companies use to promote themselves and drive revenue. Serving the right message to the right customer (at the correct time, on the best platform) makes your message resonate that much more (Forbes). 

Your company database is the foundation that your team will use to create a communication strategy. Quality information about your customers will allow you to:

  1. understand where your customers are in their own buyer journey and

  2. based on this information, develop a successful personalized, human and helpful communication strategy that will make your customers trust your brand and convert with your company.



By relying on the information you are using, not only will your teams across your company work confident with the data in your CRM, but also your customers will trust you and your real interest in helping them.


  • Internal Trust: Your contact management strategy should not lean only lean on one or a few people, this is a mindset and it needs to live across all your comp
    . By making this a shared responsibility, your team will not only save time, but also trust
    the information they are using to communicate with a qualified lead, and take data driven decisions that will lead and help your company to escale. Learn more about collaborative culture, in this post:
    How can HubSpot have a positive impact on your company's culture.
  • External Trust: When prospects receive information based on their exact needs, at the exact time they are looking for it, not only when they are going through their buyer journey, but also in every interaction they have with  your team, they will create and intensify their trust towards your company.




After covering and understanding why it is important to keep an organized database, you might be asking yourself, “wonderful, but where should I start now?”. Well, first of all, you need to define a strategy. Every company needs to define and agree on their contact management strategy. This decision must be defined by all areas using your CRM, to:

  1. Be aligned and follow the same criteria

  2. Be committed to this responsibility

  3. Adapt the software usage to the entire organization business needs

Below are important functionalities in HubSpot CRM that can help to organize and visualize your progress to achieve your business goals and team metrics:

  • Properties: will help you to tag and categorize contacts. For instance, you can use our “lifecycle stage” property to identify who is a current client and who is a lead or potential client
  • Filter records based on their property values to narrow down the records you view for analysis. Filters are useful when you need to understand how many clients are currently assigned to you or to your team.
  • Duplicate management tool helps to identify records that can be duplicated in your CRM and easily merge them.
  • Lists are helpful when you need to divide your contacts into smaller groups based on similarities. Lists are used to segment and deliver relevant content to specific groups of contacts that share certain characteristics. 
  • Workflows will help to automate your processes. For instance, with workflows you can automatically rotate and assign deals within a team or automatically set up or clear properties.Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 10.59.23 AM.png
  • Forms will gather lead information and follow up with your customers and guide them through the buyer’s journey. 
  • Integrations: you can sync more than 200 platforms to update your HubSpot CRM. It is key functionality to automatically update your information when using different platforms across your organization.
  • With reports and analytics your company can create an effective reporting loop for your organization, that will allow teams to make data driven decisions based on accurate and updated information.Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 10.34.23 AM.png


Want to learn more about how our clients are doing this? Check out this post about HubSpot client, WP Buffs:  Customizing and Organizing Your Data in the HubSpot CRM [Customer Story]


What do you think your team should improve in your contact management strategy?
What HubSpot tools have you and your team been using to keep an organized database and what other tools you would like to implement?

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Why Keep Your Database Clean?



What are some good guidelines for filtering out old contacts?  We have a lot of contacts that have not been properly categorized and I would like to start filtering through them to delete irrelevant contacts

HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Why Keep Your Database Clean?

Vere this is great!