Who watched Game of Thrones last night? If so, I have a question about ....social

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...where is Nymeria?


Just kidding. Sorry for the foolery, I was just curious to see how many other Community members would be drawn to that subject line. 


So I'm really relying on HubSopt's social monitoring streams to listen out for any customers who are frustrated with our products/services. I've entered a HUGE list of negative words, but what I'm no realising is that some of them are often triggered by our blog posts.


E.g. the word 'fail' often shows up in the stream if customers tweet out a blog post like 'Top 5 Reasons your pizza dough is failing to impress'. I run a recipe blog, and our product is a recipe/ingredient delivery service. 


Interested to know your thoughts! Long term HubSpot Sales and Marketing user, but I feel my social strategy with HubSpot could be better! A lot better!

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Hi @lulupearse!

Not going to lie, that subject line GoT me (couldn't resist). 


To answer your question, I have a question for you: What is your main purpose behind listening for customer frustrations i.e. Is it to provide customer service for issues? Is it to generate ideas for future products and services? Is it to generate ideas for content creation? What's your main goal? 


I'll point you in different directions depending on what you're hoping to accomplish. 

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Main goal = customer service issues/feedback Smiley Happy


Thanks @AngelaHicks!

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Thanks @lulupearse


I'd recommend getting delivery issues out of social. Are your customers aware of how to get in touch with you if and when there's a problem? Often times frustrated customers on social have an immediate, dire need for assistance. (Take a look at airline passengers posting their problems in real-time.) The underlying drive to do this is that they are at their wit's end.


In a closer scenario, if I have fired up the oven, prepped the ingredients, and find I'm missing some ingredients....how can I cook dinner? Do your best to get the urgent conversations outside of social and get the customers to another channel for support.


For those that are providing feedback, see if you can identify trends in their comments. Can you create content that helps these customers understand how to do things or how things work? Make sure that your educational content is covering all of your bases! 


Lastly, I'd recommend making sure that you have a way to relay all of the social feedback to the team that manages your product/services offerings, quality assurance, etc. Make sure that your entire company has access to these gems of feedback. Every message is valuable!

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