Who has opened my sequence? (workaround with guide video)

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Here is a short video walking you through how to see which contacts have opened your sequences.


You can also use this same method to see specifically who replied and who clicked, just use the properties:

  • Recent sales email replied date
  • Recent sales email clicked date

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This is a workaround so please upvote the idea here too.


  • Sales Extension for Chrome – link here
  • Here are the filters I use halfway through: 
    Screenshot 2020-09-23 at 18.26.51.png
  • Here are the List criteria I use towards the end where you can filter by specific email subject lines: 
    Screenshot 2020-09-23 at 18.28.16.png
  • You can also use Email Subject "contains" if you're using personalisation in the email subject line

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This is amazing @fiachra_duffy ! I will definitely share this with my customers.

Thank you so much for sharing!