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What productivity tool do you use to keep track of deadlines and editorial calendars?

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  • There are a lot of productivity tools (trello, todoist, etc) I'd like to know what you are using to keep track of your editorial calendar and other marketing deadlines and why you like it. If there is an integration with Hubspot that is bonus! Thanks friends! 
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Hi @jackie-schmid


Happy new year.

There are a lot of tools out there! And the right one very much depends on finding the right mix of tool and process. 


Although I'm anti-deadline for individual peices of content, all the tools I'm about to mention support date-based deadlines. 


Right now in the agency we use Jira to track the progress of every task. Jira is a full-blown agile project managment software and may not be right for most but it gives us exactly what we need. 

Prior to that, and the one that I would recommend to many, we used Trello. Trello's card-based layout really helps keep eye on the whereabouts of each task. Its flexibility and ease-of-use make it really easy for teams to pick it up and work with it. Each card can have a date deadline and there is also a calendar view. 


HubSpot's own calendar is also an option - although we havent used it as it is totally date-oriented and that doest work for us. The integration with the marketing tool is native, of course, and that is very attractive if the other features are right for you. More info on that here: 

Hope this helps. 

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Phil Vallender

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do you happen to know how to integrate with Todoist at all?

thanks a lot

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I am a huge fan of Asana. I began using their free tool last summer, and while this package meets all of my needs currently I foresee upgrading to their pro/enterprise offering as my teams and programs scale. 


For me Asana is the perfect blend of Trello, Evernote and HubSpot's own productivity tools. As @Phil_Vallender advised, I would reccommend JIRA for your more technical projects/tasks. 


You can use Zapier to integrate Asana with your HubSpot workflows, calendars, contact and content tools. Find out more here: https://zapier.com/apps/asana/integrations/hubspot

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Asana is definitely a favourite for content/editorial calendars. The ease of collaborating with teams, adding attachements, creating dependencies, building custom flows/boards and endless subtasks are all super useful when we create our internal calendars.

+ I work for Unito and we're working on integrating Hubspot to other project management tools like Asana, Trello, Wrike, Jira etc. The idea is to sync tasks bi-directionally (from Hubspot --> PM tool and vice versa). If that interests you, you can beta test our connector by registering here Smiley Happy