What is HubSpots favorite features inside their CRM?

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Hi All, 


I woke up the other day, after some deep dreams about our HubSpot setup (We've all been there) and into my head came the question "I wonder which features HubSpot themselves like the most about their CRM?" .


By my guess they are the biggest HubSpot CRM users of them all, so there has to be some gold to be discovered for the rest of us, by asking the question. 


So I turned to Linkedin and asked the question


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The comments in the thread, are what I hoped they would be!! It is a treasure trove of answers along with use cases which will hopefully help lots of other HubSpot users. Below is an example of one feature I had completly missed in HubSpot, thank you @KyleJepson  for highlighting it as one of your favorite HubSpot features. 


Screenshot 2020-12-02 at 14.19.46.png


With any luck, you will also find some features in the thread which may have passed you by. If its a helpful post please like it on Linkedin and here, then we can encourage even more answers from other HubSpotters 😊


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Dan Currin 

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Hi @Dan1,

Thanks for sharing. That's a great question!

My favourite CRM tool is the meeting tool. It makes my life so much easier 😉

@AllisonZ @franksteiner79 @cathalhopper @kaburke @rick_d @Franzi @kestrada do you have a favourite CRM tool? 

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Hi @Dan1 , 


Really interesting, I actually never gave it a thought. Can I say I love EVERY HubSpot CRM Tool? 😁


If I had to pick one, it would probably be either the Meetings Tool (connected with Zoom just irreplaceable) or Email Templates. Logging Emails directly from Gmail is also really really great, since it let's me see all my interactions with customer from HubSpot. 

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Hi @rick_d , thanks for your input, especially the advice on using the meeting tool alongside zoom. Thats a power play!! Tonnes of time saved. 

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Hi all and thanks for the mention there @JessicaH ,


Where to start...


To be honest I like basic tools that can do big and quick wins. I would pick lists as it not only helps you segmenting your database per contacts or companies associated. As well you can create reports from them and see the criteria more visual. A list can also be part of a workflow, is the heart of an email with a goal predefined...and much more.


What can I say? I am a list , kind of girl 😘

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@kestrada  thanks for the input, lists are the backbone a nice shout out!! 

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Hello @Dan1 


Thanks for sharing! My favorite CRM tools I'd say are the meeting tool, the 2-way google calendar sync to schedule meetings from the contact record /Gmail; as well as the snippets! 😀


@sferreira @melaniegadant @mlemoine @GW_ @Theo_B @Neal @MelanieLesade @MarineR do you have a favorite HubSpot CRM tool? 

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Hey @Dan1 - I would say that my favorites features would be tasks queues and everything related to the Sales Extension (meeting link, snippets, templates) makes my day to day life so much easier! (Work smarter not harder 😉)

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@melaniegadant there is a whole lot of power in the sales extension. Thanks for the input!! I am a big fan of snippets but I must confess I need to start using templates more. Great shout. 

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Thanks @TiphaineCuisset , the meetings tool is getting a lot of love, hopefully it convinces more people to give it a try. 

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Hi @Dan1 , thank you for this really interesting question ! I think my favourite tool is forms. I love that you can custom your questions with different types of fields based on what you need to learn from your persona. And have all the information submitted is automatically associated to your contacts. Personalization is key for the future so the ability to capture the right info, helps you customize your content and segment your crm to always be customer focused.

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@mlemoine great favourite, starting with the first interaction, very good point!! Thanks for your input. 

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Hey @Dan1 , and thanks for the tag @JessicaH , that's a great question - and so difficult to answer because I love so much of the tool too.

Meetings and snippets are probably the most useful day-to-day for me too. Some favourites would have to be workflows and the API we have available though.

The value you can get from automating processes that were done manually before is huge whether it's by setting up a personalised email campaign, automating the creation of deals/tickets or automating the deals/tickets themselves, custom notifications, and more. It's also pretty satisfying seeing a workflow work away on something you may have done manually before.


I'm a big fan of our API too. It really expands the options you have available by allowing you to integrate with a host of apps or create custom ones, letting you set up a solution that fits you.

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Hi @cathalhopper , we couldn't agree more on the API!! Workflows offer so much, the opportunities are so vast to save time and improve proccesses. Thank you for your input. 

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Thanks for the mention @JessicaH ..... Mine is hands down the workflows tool.  While some would argue this is more marketing I would disagree.  When trying to create custom solutions for reports to automating the annoying grafting that CRM masters have to do on a daily basis it is a game-changer.  It can help with cleanups, managing data integrity and highlighting edge cases.  It has always been my favourite!

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@kaburke  I think we sometimes forget workflows are just as valuable on the CRM side. Thanks for the input!! 

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Hi @Dan1 ! 


Oh where to even start 😀


Recently, I've been putting a lot of emphasis on creating ads audiences in HubSpot which you can even do with the free CRM. The retargeting options are phenomenal by giving users the ability to target website visitors, contact + company lists and create lookalike audiences based on their most successful customers. 


One of my favorite tool combinations for B2B companies with a focus on ABM (Account Based Marketing):

  1.  Navigate to Target Accounts > Prospects
  2.  Create a company list from prospects
  3.  Use this company list to retarget high potential prospects via Linkedin

Result: This allows you to engage with new leads that they have not yet been in touch 


Do you have any interesting tool combinations to drive success in your Hub?


All the best from Berlin,


(Solutions Engineer, BerSpot)
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Hi @AllisonZ , thank you for detailing that use case, we don't do that today, but we will have to get on it!! We haven't yet combined Linkedin with the target accounts. This is the sort of insight which I think is super valuable for all HubSpot users. Little nuggets of gold. On the question "Do you have any interesting tool combinations to drive success in your Hub? " we built a few 🙂 

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Hi @Dan1 ! 

I absolutely love the Lead Scoring tool, an easy way of automatically assigning positive/negative values to your database, while giving your Marketing/Sales team the most important thing in a day: time!

Based on the criteria/rules that you choose, the lead scoring tool will assign the values to each contact. 


As a result, it allows you to prioritize leads, respond to them appropriately, and increase the rate at which those leads become customers. I particularly like this guide: Lead Scoring 101: How to Use Data to Calculate a Basic Lead Score

10 points for Gryffindor! 💡


Kind regards, 


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I'm gonna echo a lot of the above- Meetings are so useful and remove the fiddling around with calendars that normally comes with booking time.


That said, Workflows gets my vote every time. It's such a versatile tool!


Its potential use for problem-solving is huge, and as someone with a background in the sciences I love being presented with a use-case, and having to use the tools I have available to me to action it. It allows for such elegant solutions to customer problems, and I find tinkering around with them to be super rewarding!


Cheers for engaging with the Community @Dan1 !


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HubSpot Employee

Hi @Dan1 and thanks for the tag @TiphaineCuisset !

I'd say reports are my go to. There's so much you can do and the possibilities get more numerous each day! Especially with the new custom report builder! Combine this with the report library and other custom reports, there's a lot of data that can and needs to be visualised quickly, cleanly and consistently! Being able to quickly glance at the amount of calls made by a rep or number deals in a pipeline is vital for so many users. Can't wait to see what else will be developed!

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Hi @GW_  thanks for the input, the new custom report builder is super impressive!!