What are your Q1 2021 wins?

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I know we're all busier than ever these days preparing for Q2, getting projects approved, and trying to plan for what the rest of 2021 will look like. But it's important to stop and reflect on how you're doing right now, what you've accomplished up until now, and celebrate the smaller wins.


What better place to share those wins than with your community of HubSpot enthusiasts?! I want to know how you've won recently. Did you get approval on a project that you've been thinking about for ages? Did you finally set up the workflow of your dreams? Or maybe that new HubSpot feature you've been waiting for finally went live and it's the game changer you needed. 


Let us know what your wins are! Let's celebrate each other and end the week on a positive note!  

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Adding Loom videos to our "meet your rep" emails has been incredible and an instant win all around. They went these via sequences and WOW the number of replys and opens... and meetings booked-- INCREDIBLE! 



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Thank you for sharing @ChristinaKay! This sounds like a big win an a great idea! 😄