What are the best practices when importing contacts into HubSpot?


I need help understanding how to set up my spreadsheets for import. What column headers do I need to have when I import? How do these work with properties?

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Hey @ben_r have you checked out this knowledge article: How do I import contacts to the CRM?

It's a great guide on how to compose yoru spreadsheet for import. If you have any further questions on this guide then give me a shout!

HubSpot Employee

I would say the two columns to absolutely import are email and lifecycle stage (lead, Marketing Qualified Lead, Customer etc.) Other than that, you can import what you want and you can create new fields as you import.



I would highly recommend using the following tools before you import, regardless of the amount of columns and fields you have. 

  1. Use the free version of https://www.fullcontact.com/ - I use the paid version for $10 a month, but the free version is pretty solid. 
  2. Use this to gain better insights of your contacts https://clearbit.com/ - I won't go into the nerdy stuff, but your data could probably be much cleaner and clearbit + zapier + hubspot = win
  3. Set up a custom field <multiple checkboxes> in HubSpot called "Tags" and use it to sort things like a boss. You'll thank me later. 
  4. Test about 5 contacts for the first import. "Measure twice, cut once"... ya know?
  5. Chat me on Twitter or in about 20 slack groups @diller

Hey @ben_r ,


You can look at this resource that gives a couple of examples for you to leverage if you get stuck importing your contacts into HubSpot.


Let me know if this helps 🙂