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Want to create a 2way sync between Jira and Hubspot



I did Hubspot Jira Integration and that is working fine. One issue that I am facing is syncing the Ticket priority from Jira to Huspot and from Hubspot to Jira.


In Hubspot Priority field, we have only status Low, Medium & High. No further values can be added.


In Jira, We can create Custom values for Priority field.


Solution I opted :


1. Created a custom field with the values in the drop down as per the ticket priority values available in Jira

2. Added the newly created Custom field to my view.

3. Created a Custom workflow that will sync the values from Jira to Hubspot and vice versa.


Problem :

The Action to execute the workfow is 

Jira issue priority is updated in the last (x) days.


This is only getting executing once a day not everytime the Jira issue priority is updated.


Can you suggest me a solution on how this can be implemeted?


I want to sync values everytime the Jira Issue Priority is updated.


Thank you in advance.

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Want to create a 2way sync between Jira and Hubspot

I think Jira Issue is known with re-enrolment should trigger it every time non?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Want to create a 2way sync between Jira and Hubspot

Hello @SVerma8 , thank you for posting in our Community! I want to share this knowledge base with more details about the integration and add our top experts to this conversation @JonPayne @GreyHamilton any recommendations to @SVerma8 matter? 


Thank you,


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