Verify a phone number via a phone call

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I would like the following process to take place: 

  1. The customer fills out a form with a phone number to sign up for our service and agrees to receive a call to verify their number.
  2. The customer receives an automated phone call within 15 seconds to verify the phone number.
  3. The customer can "press 1" to be connected to a sales-rep immediately. 

Can HS do this, or is there a third party service that people like?

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Hey @Zbatty 


I don't think this is currently possible in HubSpot, as there isn't an automated way to call contact to verify their phone number. 


As an alternative, you could try to create a workflow where the enrollment triggers are based on the form submission and the phone number property is known. Then you could add an action where a user can receive an internal notification/email to perform the call. 


I am not familiar with any other third party service to accomplish this. Maybe some of our experts might have an idea. 


Hey @CradleJoel I can see in this thread, you are mentioning about your integration that has a few features. I can see in your link that is possible to automate a follow-up phone call. Could you please share this information with @Zbatty


Thank you 


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Thanks much Sharon. The workflow you suggested is what we are doing now. It's working, but our reps are still dialing 30% to 40% bad phone numbers. I'm trying to make it so the bad numbers are getting weeded out.

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Hey @Zbatty and @sharonlicari 


Sharon, thanks heaps for the mention!


Yea we can help with the workflow side of things, and the automation of the follow up, but the dialling out would still need to be done by a person!


Seems there's definitely a wee gap there...


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