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Using a special offer on exit intent to generate loads of extra conversions!

This is a solution which I’ve seen ecommerce customers have a ton of success with previously. 


I’ve also recommended it to some B2B customers looking to drive more conversions and while I’ve seen less success for them it’s still worth trying when relevant.


This one is also incredibly easy to set up - so if you’re looking for a quick win to impress your boss it could be useful!


What Is It?

Very simply a HubSpot pop-up form which is set to appear on ‘Exit Intent’ which is the default for the standard full-screen pop-up form.


What’s unique about this is that the copy that you'll should enter into the callout section of the pop-up should be delivering some kind of ‘Special Offer’ or ‘Discount’ which the visitor can only avail of by entering their email address. 


As this will only appear on exit-intent on conversion pages, you will be generating contacts from what would have been anonymous bounced website visitors.


Here’s a quick example of what this will look like once implemented on a website:

pop up.png


Why Do It?

This is a quick and simple way to generate contacts which as we know have a lot of value in most industries, particularly ecommerce!


In most cases these contacts will also be website visitors that were about to leave your site since the form only appears on ‘exit-intent’ or in other words when the visitor moves their cursor outside the upper page boundary i.e. where their browser tabs live.


So you're generating a valuable list of contacts from what would have been anonymous lost website visitors!


How To Do It

The first step here is going to be coming up with a relevant special or discount offer. For ecommerce companies this is going to be easy as they can use discount codes which can be delivered by email once a contact completes the pop-up.


For non-ecommerce or B2B clients it’s a little trickier but a strong piece of content like an Ebook or bottom of the funnel offers e.g. ‘Free Trial’, ‘Free Demo’ can work well also.


Expect a lower conversion rate on these compared with discounts or giveaways.


Setting this up in the tool will follow the usual steps for creating a pop-up form with one important step…


Under the ‘Targeting’ tab the URLs that the pop-up is placed on should be bottom of the funnel or conversion pages only.




Again for ecommerce clients this should be an easy choice as it can be placed on shopping cart or checkout pages so that if visitors try to leave without completing their purchase they are targeted with the discount offer.


For other types of businesses or B2B clients this could be placed on 'Decision Stage' landing pages, highly trafficked pages with low conversion rates or any page with an inline form on it.


*Pro-tip: use the HubSpot 'Pages' report in our Traffic Analytics tool to find good fit pages*


And that's it!


Depending on the type of business the follow up to the contacts generated will differ. In the ecommerce example the goal will be for them to convert & purchase using the discount code. 


For B2B contacts some personalised lead nurturing should work.

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Using a special offer on exit intent to generate loads of extra conversions!

This is a very limited option. Why are we not able to include better images? The featured image provides no flexiblity. Other exit-intent pop-up forms are far more creative. Hubspot needs to up their game here. It is desperately needed.


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Using a special offer on exit intent to generate loads of extra conversions!

 This is a great option also for B2B however in Hubspot you cannot customize the pop-ups in terms of css which is a problem.

Daniel Bleichman
Marketing | AudioCodes
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HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Using a special offer on exit intent to generate loads of extra conversions!

@Daniel_Bleich you're right that it's not possible to custom style a pop up form in the HubSpot Forms tool.


However it would be possible to apply custom css to a HubSpot pop up form externally i.e. via your CMS.


We don't recommend doing this since the underlying form markup is subject to change as our product team make updates to the feature which could cause some of your CSS would stop working.