Using Deals for Non-Profits




@nicolebrenner this is the second half of my questions from my earlier post that you asked me to post separately.


I am currently evaluating HubSpot for suitability with our non-profit group. Within our non-profit, we have donors and event participants (an individual could also be both a donor and participant). Donation amounts and funds raised through events differ from person to person. For example, one person may donate $50 whereas another person may donate $100. One event participant may raise $1000 and another may raise $1750. Typically we would have an excel spreadsheet that shows how much an individual donated or how much they raised for a particular event.


1. What is the best way to track revenue associated with participation (e.g. participated in X event and raised X amount) and donations, keeping in mind that there may be multiple amounts raised/donated (e.g. they participated in X event and raised X $, and then participated in Y event and raised Y $, and then they donated Z $)?

2. Is there a way to tally the total amount of funds raised and/or amounts donated over an individual's lifespan? So if they made 5 donations and participated in 2 events, is there a way that I could see how much it was in total?


Right now when I've tried out the "Deals" section, it seems like the "amount" is attached to the "deal" and can't be customized to the individual. Does that mean that I would need to create a new deal for every person?



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To provide a little further clarification, here's an example:


Joe raised $500 through the Egg Toss on Nov 5, 2016

Joe raised $200 through the Hip Hop Dance on Dec 16, 2016

Joe donated $100 on Jan 1, 2017

Joe donated $50 on Jan 5, 2017


Mike raised $800 through the Hip Hop Dance on Dec 16, 2016 (same event as above but different amount raised)

Mike donated $25 on Jan 1, 2017 (same donation date as above, but different amount)