Use task queues to automate the sequence enrollment process

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HubSpot's product team released sequence queues for Sales Hub Professional and Enterprise users so they can easily enroll multiple contacts in a sequence without creating an individual task for each contact. 


If you are a Sales Hub Starter user, however, you can use task queues to automate the sequence enrollment process. If you have multiple contacts who need to be enrolled in the same sequence, create a task for each contact and add them to a task queue following the steps below. 


  • You will see a green check for the task in the contact's timeline. Click Next to move through the remaining contacts in your queue. 


Using task queues allows you to quickly enroll your contacts in a sequence with fewer clicks, and easily navigate from one contact record to the next. 


If you are interested in sending email campaigns to lists of contacts, check out the HubSpot Marketing Hub product.

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Excellent @JuliaMongeau. This is a welcome addition to sequence functionality for busy Sales Pro users.


Just curious, is there some reason this update is / was not included on the HubSpot Product Updates page with all other updates?



cc: @keriestewart


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Hi @MFrankJohnson! So this is actually not a net new feature, but rather a way to use the existing task queue feature to help streamline your sequence enrollment process. Sequence queues, which is an actual feature for Sales Pro and Enterprise users, was launched in May: If you are not a Sales Pro or Enterprise user, task queues can help achieve a similar goal. Thanks! 

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Hey @JuliaMongeau, been a Sales Pro user for years. Familiar with Sequence Queues. Haven't used them in a while, but don't ever remember seeing a 'next' button until I read this thread.


Thanks for that.



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This is great and thanks for posting!