Tracking website traffic brought in from employees

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Hello everyone! 


I'm wondering if anyone has tried this and has gotten anywhere with it... 


We're running an employee advocacy programme with Hootsuite's Amplify and it's working well so far, our employees like to share via the platform to their personal Twitter and LinkedIn and some bring in quite a lot of traffic.


As such, I'd like to find out who's bringing in traffic. 


The only way I can think of pinpointing who brings in traffic is by looking at each employee LinkedIn post clicks via Amplify's reports. But doing that is quite laborious and takes a lot of time. 


I was wondering if there was a way around this at all? Perhaps by using UTM tracking links? 


Anyway, I'd appreciate some help on this! 


Thanks a lot fellow Hubspoters!

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Thank you for your post @ERamirez .

@Josh and @KTownsend , would you mind sharing your advice for @ERamirez ?

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Hi @ERamirez ,

You're completely right that using URL tracking links would be a great way to record where traffic is coming in from. The source could be set as "Paid social" and then the UTM fields for UTM content and UTM term could be assigned to give more insight on the particular campaign. Later we can then analyze this data using UTM reporting in the traffic analytics section.

Hope this helps!

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