Tracking revenue (pipeline influence) of various marketing forms?

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In SFDC, if you associate a lead or contact to a Campaign, there is a way to track if that specific marketing action is tied to new business opportunities and closed deals. Is there a way to do this within Hubspot? 



-Free trial sign up form


  • 500 registrants
  • 250 became an opportunity worth $10M dollars
  • 80 became customers worth $4M dollars


Free trials drove - $10M of new opportunities (pipeline influence) and $4M of revenue.


Of course, prospects have to do many actions and often come back to the website multiple times before closing so many forms would be filled and each would be attributed part or all of the same opportunity value.


Thanks for your assistance.

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Hi @Mela


There is no specific way to do what you are looking for. You can make deals which you can associate amounts with and you can make campaigns through the marketing tool which you can associate 'goals' with, however these goals would be tied to the number of conversions that the campaign caused. 


If you are looking to see the amount of revenue coming through a specific action, deals are going to be your best bet.