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Track target accounts

Hi there, 
We've recently started using the 'target accounts' feature in Hubspot. We've selected a bunch of companies we want to focus our outbound efforts on this quarter: putting multiple people from that company in sequences, sending them ads,...

But once the right DM has decided it's not something they want to move forward with, I need some kind of 'not interested' label to tag the account with. 
If I just remove them from my target accounts, I won't be able to see at the end of the quarter what percentage of the companies responded, responded negative, responded positive and became an opportunity, ... 

How can I tag these companies or something similar and keep the overview nice to work with while also being able to track everything at the end of the quarter. 

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Thought Leader | Platinum Partner

Track target accounts

Hey @LVermeulen9 

When you are working with target accounts 

you are working with companies

so here you can use the lead status standard property

to set the progress of this company

either if you have connect, move forward to a deal or disqualified it.

You can still leave it marked for report purposes.

You can also use an score property in conjunction with lead status and to set a priority for the team when working with target accounts.

hope this helps

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Track target accounts

Hi @LVermeulen9 


Have you considered using one or more custom company properties?
The Target Accounts feature is nice but pretty rigid, meaning you can't really customise that view/dashboard. 


From the top of my head, you could do the following:


  • Either create a custom company property or the company Lead Status property
  • If you get feedback from a contact, set this to "Disqualified"
  • Depending on what you want to report and in what detail, consider creating a time stamp property which you set via workflow as soon as the company lead status gets set to qualified
  • Once you have that info you can build reports or lists based on the fact a company is marked as disqualified and when that happened
  • If you have Ops Hub you can schedule a workflow that removes the "target account" tag from all companies marked "disqualified" a few days into the new quarter, alternatively you can do a bulk edit

Hope that is a good starter for 10.


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