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What is a permission pass email?


It's an email that asks the question, “Do you want more email from us?” Smart email marketers send these to their inactive contacts as a last effort before cleaning them from their lists. After the campaign is sent and the click results are in, those who remain inactive are removed from future emails. Anyone who grants permission by clicking the campaign, is sent more of the same email. This leaves a 100% opted in list for future marketing emails. Click rate and open rate will rise, and the probability of ending up in the spam folder will fall.


What does a good permission pass email look like?




Here are the top permission pass campaigns I have come across. To be updated and ranked as new additions come in:



1. Toast themed



 Here is an example of a thank you / confirmation page the CTA would link to:

Thank you page



2. The big shiny Green button



3. Cheeky wording



4. Tape jokes



5. It's Complicated

 2 (blur).png


6. Uhhh.. Kitten


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Super useful @paxton thank you! Also reading this, I couldn't resist this gif...



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Paxton, very helpful post. Out of curiosity, what exactly does the "opt-in" call to action button do, since the recipient is already on your list? Just record a click to give you a signal intent and activity, or are you creating a list or some sort of workflow using the permission post....?




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@pwinston, this is actually a question that comes up often when looking at these examples. The opt-in button's purpose is to record clicks. This way you know which of your contacts have given you permission. A smart list built to collect the contacts who click that specific link will enable you to segment this group out.


The opt-out button in that example really only has aesthetic value because we are assuming opt-out by default. After the permission pass has been sent out and a few days are allowed for the clicks to come in, any contacts that have not clicked opt-in should be suppressed from future campaigns.

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Hi there,


This is really useful @paxton. Can you tell me a bit more what happens after a contact clicks on either of the buttons? What LP / TY are they taken to and what's the wording on both? From what you described I don't believe you take them to the email preferences page?




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Here's a great customer example of subscription confirmation TY:


For the unsubscribe button, you could lead users to an unsubscribe confirmation page. Number 9 on this post of ours is a personal fave.

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Thanks a lot @paxton. Very useful Smiley Happy