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Top 10 ways to get the most value from your relationship with your CSM

As a CSM working with many excellent customers, it's clear that sometimes HubSpot customers have so much on their spinning plates; planning and implementing campaigns or trying to close deals, that they can feel too swamped to make time to have regular catch-ups with their CSM. 

But remember: CSMs are here to help you get the most out your HubSpot tools to fuel these initiatives and activities. Here are some suggestions to get the most value from your relationship with your CSM:
  1. Be organised - let your CSM know your agenda points prior to your scheduled call so your CSM can prepare to discuss these topics in advance
  2. Be strategic - discuss best practices and tactics with your CSM, we have a wealth of knowledge. Don't focus on technical issues on these calls, you can contact our amazing tech support for help with granular, in the weeds queries
  3. Be transparent - share what you can with your CSM about your current concerns and challenges - it's likely we have heard them before and can give advice
  4. Be clear - share details of your targets and goals both short term and long term so your CSM knows what to focus on and can give you ideas how to achieve these
  5. Be consistent - don't have 2 calls a year, speak with your CSM more regularly to maintain momentum with your HubSpot efforts and build that relationship with each other
  6. Be open - no-one likes change! But your CSM can show you new tools as part of your package as our development team continues to improve the system - be open to adopting new features which will compliment your day to day activities
  7. Be trusting - be prepared for your CSM to not always agree with you! Sometimes we might make alternative suggestions to your plans if we have seen something different work better - be open to brainstorming together some new ideas and making a plan
  8. Be specific - get into the tool together! Your CSM is not a technical resource, we can't troubleshoot like our tech support team can but we can absolutely look at the likes of email opens and form submissions with you. Not happy with your recent results? Tell your CSM about this and look together at these specific assets you worked on to discuss some tweaks to improve next time
  9. Be a team - at the end of each call, decide together with your CSM what HubSpot actions you plan to take - say it out loud to your CSM putting it out into the universe and use your CSM as your accountability buddy to check in on these actions on the next call
  10. Be ready to work - I won't use any gym membership or fuel/car analogies here but the truth of the matter is that you get out of HubSpot what you put in. Your CSM is here to guide you with the tools and the more time and effort you are able and prepared to put into HubSpot in between your calls, the more results and value you will see from the tools and the more useful and productive your calls with your CSM will be
I hope this is helpful - if you haven't caught up with your CSM recently, send them an email to talk about your upcoming campaign or current challenges and ask your CSM to tell you about our new features.
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HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Top 10 ways to get the most value from your relationship with your CSM

Fantastic advice, @Kristin-Fox!