To Gate or Not To Gate?

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To gate or not to gate? This marketing conundrum never seems to get old. It can be tricky finding the right balance of gated and ungated content on our sites. How do you find that balance? What considerations do you take when determining if you should gate or ungate a particular piece of content?


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Hi @LizCoralli ,

Well! Gated content is one of the most common marketing strategies which is used by many marketeers to generate leads and move visitors down the sales funnel. But still there are few cons like Lack of page views and traffic, no SEO benefit or boot, no brand visibility, etc. I believe that we should maintain a 70:30 ratio. We should gate 30% gated content and 70% non-gated content. 


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Such a big question @LizCoralli


Over the years I've become a fan of the resource pillar page over the "usual" ebook landing page. Ungate the content and offer it up in a big resource, then allow users to download it to take it on the go. The pillar page can then include videos, podcast episodes, infographics... and the PDF download can be a little more stripped down but still full of links. 


Then I like to have an engaging offer like a Masterclass that has ungated content on YouTube or blog articles with nuggets, but all points to the sign up page and full course. And I think that's where inbound marketing is headed. Full courses where all the resources come together in one place where if you want access you have to have an account and be in the "in crowd." 


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