Tie Sequences to closed sales

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I've been using sequences and I'm getting great open rates, etc., but I can't figure out a way to track influenced on closing deals. Seems strange that a platform with so much focus on attribution and funnel marketing is missing this important feature. 


I believe I understand one of the challenges- Sequences are tied to the CONTACT. But that should be ok because contacts are often associated with 1 or multiple deals. 


"Which works better? Sequences or scheduling an executing multiple follow up tasks?" Right now, I have no idea. 


"How many of my contacts who I have enrolled in sequences bought something?"

Right now, I have no idea.

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Identifying previously sequenced customers versus customers NEVER sequenced might be a little tricky in a report. However, here are the raw list criteria to get you the data you're looking for.

- see image

mfjlabs-screenshot-Customers-Previously-Enrolled-In-A-Sequence-Lists-20191108.pngCustomers Previously In A Sequence


- see image

mfjlabs-screenshot-Customers-NEVER-Enrolled-In-A-Sequence-Lists-20191108.pngCustomers NEVER In A Sequence


Not certain any customer conversion causal relationship can be drawn between sequences and tasks -- too ambiguous.

Hope that helps.





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That was VERY helpful. It's not quite a complete solution, but it helped to give me a better understanding of the influence and usefullness of sequences.  


FYI- 10% of those who have been enrolled in a sequence became our customer!  Previously, these would have been DEAD deals.  That's great!  I wish I could show more.