Thinking ahead: good holiday content


Hi gang,


Just wondering if anyone has any ideas around holiday content. I am looking to create some email newsletters for the holidays, but want to ensure I'm creating content my recipients want to receive. 


Any thoughts? 

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Would help to know a few details for starters ...

- B2B, B2C, B2?
- Product/Service? -- solve common pains experienced by those buyers?
- Buyer's Journey Stage?
- Buyer's Persona?
- HubSpot subscription tier? -- speaks to HubSpot capabilities.

- How long have you been using HubSpot? -- speaks to amount of intelligence collected on existing audience.

- How long have you been producing content? -- speaks to level of content production experience.

- How much content do you already have published? -- speaks to existing volume of resources.

- About how large is your audience/list? -- speaks to potential segment size.

- Is current audience 100% inbound or mix? If mix, what is mix ratio (inbound/outbound)?



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Hope that helps.


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I would say start with your personas. You need to know there roles, goals, and challenges. 

Then I would think about is the holidays the right time to educate them ot entertain them. 

Of course, that depends on your business goals.


Are you trying to attract, sell, or build affinity to your brand?

More details would be awesome as stated before.


So many broad strategies (Hammer) available but, niche (scalpel) is so much better.

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