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Task Queue automated



I'm utilizing the task queues and want to know if I can set a specific contact to automatically enter back into the same task queue after completing a task. 



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Task Queue automated

Hi @Bdubs


Unfortunately HubSpot does not natively support creating a new task on the completion of the previous task and workflows do not support task based events. However, we can use the power of active lists and workflows together to achieve your desired result.

To do this, setup an active list to enroll contacts associated to an activity with the following filters:
1. Task status is any of Completed

2. Task Title is equal to any of [insert task title that you want duplicated]

3. Task Status has been updated in the last 1 day. 


The goal of this is to create a list of any contacts with the recently completed task title and to take them off the list after a specified period of time. Once this list is created, the next step is to create a contact based workflow and set the trigger condition to "When filter criteria is met" and under "HubSpot asset membership and enrollment", select "List membership". This will open a page where you can search for your newly created list, once found select "is member of list". After this select the "re-enrollment" tab and turn on as below and then save the filter. This will now enroll a contact in the workflow ANY time they appear on the previously made list. 



Once you've created the enrollment trigger, simply add a create a task module to create a new task against the contact, ensuring it has the same name as to get re-added on the list upon the next task completion.

Note: This workflow assumes there will be at least 1 day in between task re-completion. If the task is completed before the contact has had a chance to be removed from the list via the ("updated in last 1 day" property, then it will not trigger re-enrollement)

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Task Queue automated

Hi @Bdubs (great username btw),


I think you want to utilize views, which you can set up for specific users, or have them save privately on their own. Before saving a view, make sure you have all the filters (including queues) as desired.

GIF Recording 2024-04-10 at 3.28.36 PM.gif


Then, you can drag that view to the front for it to be the view that loads every time a user navigates to the tasks page.



Is this what you're after? I'm a little uncertain when you say contact. Please clarify if I'm missing the mark.



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