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Tagging a Quote as "Primary"?

Hey all - I'm coming from Salesforce CPQ where we always had the functionality to tag a quote as primary. I can't figure out how to do this. 


The use case: We need to report on line items for our pipeline but in the case a Deal has multiple quotes there is no way to know which on is the primary or sold quote. This ends up inflating pipeline numbers. 

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Tagging a Quote as "Primary"?

This is another must-have feature that is missing. Sometimes deals run several months and multiple variations. When we run a report to see which quotes are expired, it shows all of them. Having a primary function would allow the report only to show current quotes to ensure they are not expired.

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Community Manager

Tagging a Quote as "Primary"?

Hi @JDeWolf,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community!

The quotes tool currently doesn't support this functionality. I, however, definitely understand your use case here and I found two feature requests in our Ideas forum where other customers are requesting a similar functionality:  

We use the Ideas forum to collect ideas on how we can improve the product for our customers. Product pays particular attention to the top voted ideas, it'd therefore be great if you could support the ideas with an upvote and/or comment. 


Possible workarounds:

I've seen customers use a naming convention for quotes in order to differentiate between them, like inlcuding the word "Final" in the quote title. Of course if you don't want labels to be visible to the buyer, than this may not be a good alternative. 

I wanted to tag a couple of subject matter experts here to see if they can think of another workaround: 

Hi @HubDoPete@himanshurauthan@Alex_Elborn, do you have any ideas or suggestions? Thank you!



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