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Suggestions for a great CRM!

My company recently cross the million dollar ARR mark (:-D).
However our biggest on going challenge has always been how to find and prospect new customers especially now that all the low hanging fruit is exhausted)
One of my buddies who works at an ISV suggested a change in CRM and investment in a digital marketing automation tool. My friend pushed me into looking for a CRM that has build in phone, email and activity capture so that my sales agents and I never miss out on a prospective client. I am currently using Connectwise's CRM but that seems to be very basic with no real support for digital marketing!

What do folks think? Have y'all tried other CRMs? Has it helped in finding and closing new leads?

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Suggestions for a great CRM!

Hi @bruzehual 


We tried several CRMs – before HubSpot – including Active Campaign, Zoho, Confusionsoft (Infustionsoft) and others I forget the name of. Since then we've worked with clients from Starter to Entrprise. And we've built apps to integrate with HubSpot with other applications.


If you'd like to jump on Zoom to discuss your needs then please book a time to chat.




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Suggestions for a great CRM!

First off congrats on the milestone! Personally speaking I would say your going to end up seeing many options and if you go to each you are going to get the "this solution is best".  Personally speaking from my own journey I would say two of the biggest CRMs you will come across are Hubspot and Salesforce. And in automation, Hubspot, Eloqua, Pardot, and Marketo.


CRMs and Automation tools will not help you find and close leads alone.  CRMs help you store and track information (ie: who your customers are, what pipeline looks like, track activity), while your automation tool simply connects ads to your comm channels in hopes of tracking activity and becomes the marketing source of truth to your CRM (single source of truth).  The concept of finding and closing leads in pipeline will be found in other aspects of the tech stack outside of your CRM and automation but work closely with them.


What I would suggest for your company is invest in looking to hire a VP of (Growth/Marketing/Demand) and build out what this strategy looks both from a talent perspective and tech stack perspective.  It's easy to quickly get overwhelmed, and solutions of this scale will require you to either have staff in-house or look to an outside partner to help you build out the solution.  Once you have the foundational pieces in place you can look to integrate tools to help you better target and find new leads and then look to sales enablement pieces to help you close more/better deals.

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Suggestions for a great CRM!

Hello @bruzehual, congratulations on the mark!

I would say HubSpot is all in one CRM, where you can manage your pipeline, log sales activity & store contact data.

I would like to invite some top experts to share their thoughts.

Hi, @Josh @Mike_Eastwood @Ben_M would you like to share your opinion? 


Thank you,


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