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My company recently cross the million dollar ARR mark (:-D).
However our biggest on going challenge has always been how to find and prospect new customers (especially now that all the low hanging fruit is exhausted)
One of my buddies who works at an ISV suggested a change in CRM and investment in a digital marketing automation tool. My friend pushed me into looking for a CRM that has build in phone, email and activity capture so that my sales agents and I never miss out on a prospective client. I am currently using Connectwise's CRM but that seems to be very basic with no real support for digital marketing!

What do folks think? Have y'all tried other CRMs? Has it helped in finding and closing new leads?

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Hi @bruzehual ,

You can consider HubSpot as a all-in-one CRM. From calling to sending marketing emails/sales emails, managing social media accounts, workflow automation, fb/google/linkedIn ads and many more tools you get in HubSpot along with free CRM. Checkout the catalog here: 

Hope this helps!

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@bruzehual Congrats on the huge milestone! 


Hubspot Marketing and Sales Hub would be great options. Hubspot is the best CRM I have used as a sales rep. It is incredibly user friendly and has built-in functinality that many sales engagement tools offer (like Salesloft and Outreach). I think you will find that user adoption will be quite high with a tool like this.


Hope this helps!