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Streamlining your sales cycle with the PandaDoc app for HubSpot

Sales teams have a lot on their plates and, in the past, they often ended up spending more time on administrative tasks than building relationships with prospects and customers.


But today, they’re starting to think differently about how they use their time.


For almost a third of sales reps, their top goal for this year is making the sales process more efficient, and for 23%, using data more effectively is the priority.


The sales teams that are seeing better results are adopting new workflows that take the work off of sales reps that can be automated, giving them time back to take a more consultative approach to winning deals.


The PandaDoc app for HubSpot is one of the ways that sales reps, sales leaders, and Rev Ops teams can improve efficiency, reduce manual data entry and errors, personalize quotes, stand out with custom brand elements, and uncover actionable sales insights.


Check out PandaDoc's post to learn 3 ways you can streamline your sales cycle with the PandaDoc app for HubSpot.

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Hall of Famer | Elite Partner
Hall of Famer | Elite Partner

Streamlining your sales cycle with the PandaDoc app for HubSpot

Thanks for sharing this @kara_susvilla, our team has worked extensively with PandaDoc and @christopher-RVO has probably sold & implemented PandaDoc more than anyone and can share some additional tips for working with PandaDoc in HubSpot

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