Service hub for multiple brands?

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We have a white-label service that is marketed and delivered via partners under a varity of separate brands. We want to use CRM and Service Hub for comms and support to end users, but we need the branding & domains for those comms and emails to be aligned for whatever whitelabel brand through which that end-user has accessed the service.


We need each user in the CRM to be assigned to a whitelabel brand, and we need all comms to that user to be sent from the relevant email domain.


Is that possible in Hubspot?

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Hi Foxy,

I am quite new to HubSpot myself. But one thing I stumbled across was the "contact owner". you can personalize the sender address as well as the signature used - make sure each owner (i.e. HubSpot user on your end) has the corresponding signature set. 

Maybe that´s a way to work for you 🙂



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We are also interested in this feature.

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I believe this is what you all are looking for: