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Any ideas or advice for training sales teams and managing their usage of the Sales Portal, particularly keeping track of their activity (without greatly increasing my own workload) and helping them come up with system for inputting and maintaining leads and customers.

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Hi @mgnh2004, thanks for the great question!


On training: we have several really great resources on getting teams up to speed for using the CRM. In particular, the Inbound Sales Certification and Sales Software Certification (both free) form a perfect introduction to both the tool and the methodology. These can also be supplemented by these two user guides, Getting Started with the CRM & Sales and Getting Started with Sales Pro, as well as the many other documents and resources in our Academy


On monitoring a team's activity: one of the most important steps in getting a new team set up in your CRM is to choose the right user roles and permissions, you can learn more about this here


Once this has been done, the Dashboard is a great place to see what your team is up to. You can view deal forecasting, activity, and the Productivity card in particular allows you to see how many calls, emails, tasks and meetings have been completed in a given time period.


If you're looking for more specific levels of reporting, the Reporting Add-on may be of interest to you. You can learn more about this tool in this blog post, and can start a free trial directly from your portal's dashboard whenever you'd like. 


I've also found some additional articles that might be of use to you:


I hope all of this helps!





Hi there! First of all, managing a sales team is never easy but it doesn't mean it could be full of pressure and totally boring. My colleague, Danny, actually related Sales Management with Psychology and directing it on how to bring in that winning attitude within every member. Listen to your team and have an open mind. Your team will do great.