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SFDC & HubSpot Marketing Contact Sync



Can anyone help me how to take care of the sync from SFDC to Hubspot and not get the contacts/leads as default to marketing contact? I want to make not all leads from Salesforce get marked as marketing contact which will exceed our limit.


Thanks in advance!

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SFDC & HubSpot Marketing Contact Sync

Hi @KaKaRoT - contacts added by Salesforce (and other integrations) are sent to non-marketing contacts by default (reference here). It's likely that you have a Workflow or other automation setting them to Marketing Contacts if they're all quickly showing as Marketing Contacts. 


You can see what caused a Contact to become a Marketing Contact by opening the contacts, clicking View All Properties, searching for Marketing Contact, and clicking Details when you hover over the Marketing Contact Status property.


SFDC & HubSpot Marketing Contact Sync

Hi @KaKaRoT,


By default, all leads/contacts from SFDC will be marked as marketing contact in HS.

But you can mark a few contacts as non-marketing contacts Manually or via Workflow. Please go through this article to learn about the steps needed to mark contacts as non-marketing contacts.

Best practice:
1. Create an active list of contacts whom you want to mark as non-marketing contacts
2. Set up a contact-based workflow and put the "Active list" created in the above step as a trigger then follow the steps given in the above article.


For more queries reply to this thread.
Thank you 🙂


SFDC & HubSpot Marketing Contact Sync

Hi @KaKaRoT ,


There would be need of Workflows that can be set to achieve this depending on how you want to segeregate the leads, when they are eligible marketing leads, criteria to not sync would be needed here. 


We have experts @Grazitti Interactive, who can help you with this and related queries. Feel free to DM me with more details or fill this out.




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