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How are people reflecinting revenue share, revenue growth models in Hubspot?  Right now, I just have an option for a total amount but it doesn't reflect the growth trends.

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Hi @SDavis6 


Thank you for reaching out.


I want to tag some of our experts on this - @Josh @DavidDennison @Bruno_Teixeira what are your suggestions for @SDavis6 on this? 


Thank you!



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Hi @SDavis6,


Provided all revenue runs through deals in HubSpot, I would create a deal report filtering to only show closed-won deals. The amount should be whatever the most relevant amount to your business. This might be deal amount, total contract value, etc. If you are tracking whether something has been invoiced and paid, you may want to incorporate those values/filters as well.

Most of our clients pull revenue reports/growth trends from their accounting software vs HubSpot. There are so many variables as to when it comes to AR/AP, reports from accounting tend to be more accurate. If you are basing it only on closed deals and the AR/AP variables aren't an issue, HubSpot should be fine.


I hope this helps!

Thanks for the ping, @TiphaineCuisset!



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Hi Josh,


We are looking to track this based on projects for active deals, not closed won.  So for example if a proposed deal is based on a current revenue share model that has built in growth, if I put in an annual amount I have to calculate the monthly growth projections to get a total but it doesn't allow me to project growth in Hubspot.