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Response Tracking integration with gmail

I wanted to know if hubspot integrated with gmail has the functionality to Remind you if you don't hear back


For example, I send an email to a customer. He did not respond within 2 days. I want Hubspot to remind me of this so I can send emails again.
"There are times you need to make sure you follow up within a specific time frame after sending a message. You can select to only be reminded if nobody replies, or regardless.
Response tracking feature reminds you to follow up on messages if you don't get a response by a certain time." 
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Hall of Famer | Partner
Hall of Famer | Partner

Response Tracking integration with gmail



No, unfortunately not. While you can create a task to check in on the contact you're emailing (at the bottom of the email editor in HubSpot) ...




... this task will not be completed automatically if the contact replies in the meantime.


HubSpot does not, as far as I know, have any feature that would remind you to automatically follow-up. If you want to request this, you could do so in the HubSpot Ideas section of the community:


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