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Reimagining CRM Records – Customization Highlights

Hi dear Community,


We were collecting use cases for CRM customization in this Community article last week. Thank you to all who contributed by sharing examples or upvoting comments. 🙏 This way, we learn together and uncover the full potential of the HubSpot smart CRM. 👩‍💻



You have shared great examples and we want to highlight a couple of the submissions:


  • @Jnix284 shared that one of her favorite out-of-the-box CRM cards is the stage tracker: "This is a visual representation of the individual deal's progression, where you can include forecasting info and next steps to keep the deal moving through the pipeline."



  • @Bob2245 and his colleagues have built a Custom Object for a customer which contains the customer's products. They've created a property with an image component which they surfarce in the middle column of records in order to provide more contex for the sales reps.



  • @Lucila-Andimol shared a couple of customization ideas for Company records: 
    • Surface unpaid invoices.
    • "Associated contacts with labels by buying role > Identify the decision makers at a glance specially when you have a lot of contacts associated to a company."


Screenshot 2024-02-02 at 6.03.09 PM.png




Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and ideas with the Community @Lucila-Andimol@Bob2245, and @Jnix284💛 You are true HubSpot innovators! 🚀

We have a small token of appreciation ready for you and I will reach out to you at the end of the week with more details. 🙂 



Check the entire thread to see all customization examples!

If you have more ideas or helpful use cases to share, feel free to add them here! We appreciate every single one of them. 


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Reimagining CRM Records – Customization Highlights

Aww that's nice 🙂 


This feature can definitely benefit from as much attention and examples as possible. It's an amazing new frontier for Hubspot customization and there's a lot more that you can do with it than the examples shared here. Super curious what I will get to build, and what others will build and share here 🙂


Thanks for the mention!

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Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner

Reimagining CRM Records – Customization Highlights

Thank you @MiaSrebrnjak! I hope to see more examples in the future as more people start exploring the possibilities!


I'd love to see more posts like this, where others can share examples and use cases for specific tools/features (especially custom solutions or workarounds) 🙌

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