Rebranding- where to start?

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Whether you are in the middle of an exciting project called "Company Rebrand" or you have successfully completed one - why not share what you have learned with our Community?


Having worked with many customers who have gone through a company rebrand, it's become clear there are a lot of things to consider and no "off the shelf" checklist to follow. 


Here are some resources to help you get started with your rebranding journey: 


1) Rebranding strategy- things to consider

Are you changing your logo, buyer persona or company name? This is a great resource to help you understand the scope of your rebranding project.


2) Setting up or updating your company branding in HubSpot

This article covers domain, website, settings, content and user & account updates. 


3) Legacy references to old branding in HubSpot - check existing templates (email, blog and landing pages etc).

Customers often choose to opt in for a new template setup which is an additional service provided by HubSpot where new templates are delivered within 2 weeks (excluding email templates). For email template rebuild you may wish to consider this service. 


4) SEO - one of the biggest fears when changing your company domain.  This article on Rebranding and SEO covers everything you need to know about Google Webmaster tools, submitting your new site map, setting up redirects and all things analytics. 


5) Set up a call with your Customer Success Manager to discuss your rebranding plan and campaigns to help you promote your new brand. 


What was the most important action item on your rebranding checklist? 


Ready, set, rebrand! 



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