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Re: How to get notifications for 1-1 emails?

I've been using HubSpot for quite a few years and this is always an issue as people want to ditch their email and be fully in HubSpot, but the correct user is not notified when they get an email response. I've recently got to explore this again and have come to the conclusion that the following may be useful for those with the right tools.


1. set up a workflow that marks todays date on a contact

2. set up a calculated property working out the time between sales email replied date and todays date. This can be added to views to show last email received was X days ago

3. Set a property to say "contacted" when the last contacted date is after the sales email replied date. If not set us "awaiting action".


You could use these triggers to send custom notifications but I found that 

a. It's too many and

b. The notification would go to the contact owner/deal owner but they may not be the person who actually needs the response. 

Making it visible in your contact/deal views on when the last email was received is the best I can get at the moment.

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Re: How to get notifications for 1-1 emails?

Hi @JWarren8, hope you are doing well!


It is amazing to see how people like you come here to provide wisdom and experience that can help others!


Thank you, 


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