Push reports of new leads out to sales reps in email

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This is a great tip: 

We developed this tool beta.methoddata.com to push out a HubSpot list as an email. 

There's a ton of ways to use this:

1. Daily lead lists.

2. Reminders to follow up with stale leads.

3. Registrations for courses.


Here's a video that shows how it works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YgTYnDVrdc&feature=youtu.be

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First of all, thanks for building that tool. Nice work, Brian.

Never said if your new app is certified by HubSpot. There's a fair amount of interest in this functionality. However, many larger clients insist on HubSpot certified App Partners.

Also ...

Never said if you house the HubSpot list data. If so, where and for how long? This is particularly important for our GDPR friends across the pond. Smiley Happy

Finally, again, if you search the community you will find a fair amount of interest for your solution. Google typically returns better results than the internal search (try: 'how to email hubspot lists hubspot community')

Again, nice work.

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We are in the process of becoming a certified app. We did it before with the old tool, so I don't see any issues.


This app doesn't store any data other than your report configuration. The data is pulled out of the HubSpot API at the time your report is generated, just like your browser does. 


I'd love to connect further, because we have several other (more valuable, IMHO) reports coming soon, and someone like you would have invaluable feedback.

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Excellent. Happy to help if I'm able. Feel free to book a call from my site. I live here, so I'm easy to find. Smiley Happy