Product Qualified Leads in your HubSpot CRM - A real life use case detailed

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Hi All, 


Around a year ago we read HubSpots Marketing blog: An Inside Look At HubSpot's Enterprise Marketing Playbook


Within the blog it touches on how HubSpot implemented Product Qualified Leads and how it has improved things significantly for them. After reading this we started to try and figure out what implementing PQL's would look like for us. 


Fast forward to today, we implemented product qualified leads, they power our Sales Pipeline and it was well worth the effort!! 


Product Qualified Leads are talked about a lot, but we see very few nailed down examples of implementation. So we wanted to buck the trend and give you our very own "Inside look" into our account in the hope that it helps other HubSpot users. 



This is just the start of our PQL journey, we have much more to do!! If this video helped you let me know and we'll keep sharing. Plus if you have any tips for us please sling them my way. HubSpot customers learning from HubSpot customers!!


Kind regards, 


Dan Currin 







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Thank you for sharing @Dan1! This video is amazing as always 🙂 

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Thanks @sharonlicari kind of you to say.