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Hi All!

We are a subscription software company that has a base product and various modules and customizations. We manage the accounting and renewals in a separate system. We need a way to manage products so that various teams can see what is happening post sales (closed won).


We've been using Sugar and Quoted Line Items, which then generates a customized Product Summary Report with dates and stages: Closed Won, Ordered, Implemented/Delivered, Not in Use, or Cancelled. We're in the process of migrating from Sugar to HS, and this is a sticking point.


HS Quotes works great for pre sales, but what are you doing for the workflow that follows? We could create another pipeline "Post Sales" but all the products would need to be entered individually? That could be 10+ per subscription with all the line items. 


If we create a series of Product Properties (100+) that could have stages, would it be best to use checkboxes or dropdown? And how could we connect this to the Deal Products? 


Or what do you recommend? How are others managing products and post-sales workflows? 


Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!


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Isabella, you are looking at this the right way and asking the right questions. 


Unfortunately, adding and managing products on a deal record via workflows is not something HubSpot can do right now. However, I envision that it won't be long before we see it (though it might be only for Sales Enterprise).


The primary way we have made this work is to create the products as a multi-select checkbox property on the deal (which sales reps update during the sales process in addition to the HubSpot Quote). To make it more manageable, you can also break your products into a few product categories and create a shorter multi-select checkbox property for each.


Then, when the deal is closed and you copy the deal to the post-sales pipleine, that product data will be copied as well. This approach also allows you create better custom reporting, segmentation, and automation than the quotes/products feature.