Podcast vs. Video: Which is better?

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If you're looking to establish yourself as a thought leader and build a brand, there are an overwhelming amount of options. One key piece to the puzzle is establishing a communication channel with your network. The question then becomes, podcast or video channel (Youtube)? 


Podcasts allow you to grow your network quickly by connecting with other thought leaders in the industry. In addition to having a conversation with them, they will likely share the podcast out with their networks as well, letting you grow your audience with each episode. It also gives you a funnel of fresh content, as you bring in other voices and opinions, rather than relying on your own. 


Video, on the other hand, allows you to present your product, brand and findings to your audience. Video is one of the highest consumed mediums of content online, and is already established as a channel of information through search engines. Video also allows you to create different types of content, ranging from educational to brand building to sales. 


While there may be no right answer for everyone, and no clear winner, this week we're discussing Podcasts vs. Video: Which is better? 


Tell us what you've had success with in the past, what has worked for you, and what learnings you've found. 

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I say that the answer is both. We have an audio podcast that we record live in order to offer our fans and followers a behinds the scene opportunity. Then in post we edit the video and separate the audio and provide both to our audiences. But only the audio podcast is mass distributed.

If you'd like to check it out, we converted a second blog on HubSpot and made it the microsite for Wagner Live.

- Wágner