Paid vs Free Training for Marketing Hub?


Hi all,

I've done the free training for marketing hub and am a long-time user of HubSpot Marketing. Recently I saw a notice about a paid 3-day training and am wondering if it provides enough value to make it worth taking 3 days away from my daily grind.

- Has anyone here done both the free & paid training?
- Do you think the paid version offers significant knowledge gain and value over the free version?

If I don't take it myself I might still recommend it to newer users, but want to make sure the time commitment is worth it for them too.

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Hi @digidiva,

Thanks for reaching out.

Your Success Manager Holly will be able to assist you with this. She can evaluate with you if the second training would suit your needs. 


Take care!


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Have you viewed the detailed agenda, it might help?


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Hi Amy! 


Sounds like you're weighing up time out of the office vs. value of training. 3-days can feel like a lot of time 🙂 

Is this the course you were looking at?


What are the specific outcomes you want to get from the training? As a long-time user, are you looking to find some quick wins and get feedback on your use rather than training on the tools? 





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