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Overlap between HubSpot and Totango? Avoiding the "shiny toy syndrome".

Hi there, 

We are a MSP in the IT space and have been using HubSpot on a Pro subscription for the last 4 months. Our leadership team has started exploring the Totango platform, but it appears that there is some overlap with HubSpot. We are wondering if adding Totango to our day-to-day operations would add more headaches (e.g., additional integration issues, staff training, additonal cost, etc.) than benefits. 

If you have expereince with both systems, I would love to hear your thoughts. 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Overlap between HubSpot and Totango? Avoiding the "shiny toy syndrome".

Hi @HPfeilmaier,


Thanks for reaching out!


I don't have personal experience with Totango, however, taking a look through comparison guides is a good place to start 🙂 I'd also suggest reaching out to your Customer Success Manager to see if they have any insight as well!


Our Community is full of active users who are welcome to reply in this thread with their experiences with this software. 




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