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Overdue tasks as triggers for workflows

There is some way to make a trigger for a workflow using overdue tasks?


I'm trying to find a solution for the lack of reports that show the tasks with their respective status. The idea was to create a property that adds 1 to the count whenever a task is not performed within the deadline, using for this, a score property "Task overdue" wich have the value 1 always a contact have at least one task delayed (status is any of Not started, Waiting, Deferred). A workflow copy this value to the property "Number of overdue tasks", wich have a trigger role (Number of overdue tasks = Know and Task overdue = 1) in another workflow wich adds in values to the count.

The problem is that when two tasks are delayed in sequence, without all of them being completed between the two in the meantime, the count will be at 1. For example, in a sequence of 4 tasks, if 1 and 2 are delayed, 1 will be counted. If 1 is late, it is completed and later 2 is late, there will be 2 in the count even with only one overdue. I didn't find solutions to count one by one and to return the count of values ​​of the property number of overdue tasks. 

I would be very happy about any information or tips you have on the subject.

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Overdue tasks as triggers for workflows

Hi @EduardoCardoso ,

Recently came across such requirements from a client too for overdue tasks. A trigger like this and a report for this are not available in HubSpot yet but there have been such ideas posted on the community: 
HubSpot Community - Overdue Tasks Report - HubSpot Community
HubSpot Community - Overdue tasks as a trigger for workflows - HubSpot Community

You can upvote them. HubSpot product team reviews these ideas and works on them.

Hope this helps!

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