New Emails Address != New Contact? Marketing to Shared Devices? (Healthcare)


Here's a fun challenge! 🙂 


  • Two of the organization's primary audiences are Nurses and Respiratory Therapists. 
  • In both audiences, it's more common that they'll share a single computer instead of each having thier own.
  • We enjoy a high conversion rate on our content marketing (yay!)
  • But the shared devices seem to result in one user's form completion 'overwriting' another's by 'updating' the email and name instead of creating a new record. 



Without disabling cookies: Does anybody have any clever ideas for instructing HubSpot to make a new contact when the email address on the form is new?

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Hi @DigitalMktgGeek,


Disabling cookie tracking is going to be the only way (that I've heard of) for accomplishing this. Otherwise, the form submission is dependent upon the cookies for whether to create a new contact or not.


Have you considered turning cookie tracking off and then sending the contacts an email shortly after their form submission with a link to your website so that they can click the link and associate the cookie of their personal computer, phone, or device as opposed to a common computer?