Multi-Year Deals different prices wrong Annual Subtotal


I am looking for a possibility to realise a multi-year deal with different prices per year. 

3 Years Contract with the same price

29880 per Year for 36 Months

TCV ist korrekt and I expect in Annual Subtotal 29880


Product Config 3 Years.PNG


Now, I configure 3 different products for every year and update the start date correctly. 


I would expect that my subtotal will be for the first year 19880. TCB ist korrekt but ACV and ARR ist wrong. 

(If I order the same product 3 times I have the same effect)
I want to have that ACV and ARR will be 19880 oder maybe a NACV of 24546


Please help me to configure a mult-year contract with different prices and the correct subtotal and the correct amount.

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Hi @Patrick_R,


Thanks for reaching out.
I want to tag in some thought leaders to see if they can assist with this.
Hi @AM8 @Bryantworks @MAC-MCB, would you be able to share your thoughts on this?


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I'm having very similar issues - we started using line items to differentiate between one off fees and ARR but have found it impossible to use for multi-year contracts with different values for each year. Like the previous poster, I expected it to behave in a similar way to calculate the ARR, TCV and ACV but was left very frustrated.


Reporting on this in general in still problematic, but being able to capture multiyear deals is a basic necessity for sales subscriptions. Were any of the colleagues you tagged able to offer any advice or suggestions on this?