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HubSpot Customer Trainer

Marketing Hub Fundamentals Training Highlights & Resources - December 2020

Hi All,


Thank you for joining this week's HubSpot Marketing Hub Fundamentals training, it was great to learn with you and find out more about your businesses and marketing processes.


We had lots of great questions and insightful conversations in training, so we have consolidated key resources in this post to support you as you continue to learn about HubSpot tools and the flywheel methodology.


We hope this space can also be an opportunity to keep in touch, network, and continue to share knowledge and experience. What were your key takeaways from training?


Thank you!


@TashOliveira & @DavidChaves & @ElaineC 


Cc @sharonlicari 




Are you looking for a hands-on and immersive experience that will help you understand how to best use your HubSpot tools? 


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